FedEx Resumes Limited Pickup and Delivery in Puerto Rico

FedEx Resumes Limited Pickup and Delivery in Puerto RicoWe are incredibly grateful that all FedEx employees in Puerto Rico have been safely accounted for, and our thoughts remain with those throughout the region affected by Hurricane Maria. FedEx has resumed limited pickup and delivery services in areas that are safely accessible, including most metropolitan areas, and we are working diligently to further expand our service capabilities. We also continue our commitment to support relief efforts,

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UPS Technology Speeds Training For Holiday Workers

The first is an update to the Mobile Delivery App, which resides on users’ smartphones and helps delivery personnel easily manage package deliveries. It features most of the functionality of the handheld DIADs (Delivery Information Acquisition Device) that UPS® delivery drivers carry. Dynamic Sort Instruction gets employees up to speed faster, eliminating 40 hours of training that occur on the job. The Mobile Delivery App and Dynamic Sort Instruction reflect UPS’s commitment to using the latest

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New delivery robot helps mail carriers make their rounds

The project was announced at a joint press conference between the mayor of Bad Hersfeld, Thomas Fehling, and Jürgen Gerdes, CEO of the Post - eCommerce - Parcel division at Deutsche Post DHL Group. Deutsche Post is testing the "PostBOT," a self-propelled electric robot, in the "Smart City" of Bad HersfeldThe robot is designed to follow mail carriers automatically and carry their mail itemsDeutsche Post has selected the German town of Bad Hersfeld as its test site for a robot to accompany mail deliverers on their routes and carry their mail items. Residents of two delivery districts in Bad Hersfeld can immediately expect to start seeing the self-propelled electric "PostBOT" accompanying the

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FedEx SameDay® City Expands to 1,800 Cities Nationwide Covering 30 Markets

With this in mind, FedEx Office, a leading player in the same-day delivery industry, recently expanded FedEx SameDay® City service to 1,800 cities within 30 regional markets. FedEx SameDay City is the company’s fastest local shipping option for customers, offering door-to-door residential and business delivery of time-sensitive parcels within hours, by uniformed FedEx drivers in branded vehicles. Additionally, the FedEx SameDay City mobile app tracks package status on a map and provides estimate

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New UPS 273,000 Square Foot Package Delivery Facility Opens In Lockport, IL

The company’s $40 million dollar investment in the new building brings more than 273,000 square feet of new capacity to UPS operations serving customers in the area. The new operations technology also helps power the rollout of the UPS® Saturday ground delivery and pickup service that began in late April. Today, almost 21,000 employees in Illinois provide package delivery, ground freight, air gateway operations, healthcare logistics, freight forwarding and contract logistics services. Chicago is

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UPS First Commercial Customer In U.S. To Use New Daimler Electric Delivery Truck

US 09/14/17Atlanta, GACompany to Initially Use Three FUSO eCanter EVsUPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced it will place in service three medium-duty electric trucks from Daimler Trucks Fuso brand, called the eCanter. The new EV trucks build on UPS’s Rolling Laboratory fleet of more than 8,500 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. The vehicle’s electric powertrain contains six high voltage lithium ion battery packs with 420 V and 13.8 kWh each. The three FUSO eCanter vehicles join the mor

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USPS continues to temporarily adjust operations In Florida and Georgia due to Hurricane Irma

Postal Service Gulf Atlantic District, which includes portions of northern Florida and southern Georgia, continues to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irma by advising customers that normal service operations in the path of the storm may be interrupted in the event of unsafe conditions such as high winds, flooding, or impassable roads. We will continue to temporarily adjust operations at some Post Offices in both Florida and Georgia. # # #Please Note: For broadcast quality video and audio, p

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DHL now delivering to trunks of VW cars

DHL Parcel and Volkswagen are launching a joint pilot project in Berlin in which Volkswagen will deploy 50 VW Polos that selected customers can use as mobile addresses for the delivery of their DHL parcels. The project partners have worked in recent months to... DHL Parcel and Volkswagen are launching a joint pilot project in Berlin in which Volkswagen will deploy 50 VW Polos that selected customers can use as mobile addresses for the delivery of their DHL parcels. The selected participants will receive a VW Polo that they can use to test the service for four weeks. The vehicles are already fitted with the required equipment for in-car delivery, called “We Deliver.” at Volkswagen. In addition to this current pilot project with Volkswagen in Berlin, DHL

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UPS Is The Official Delivery Partner For Taylor Swift’s 6th Studio Album reputation

The UPS package cars with Taylor Swift’s album cover on them will roll out in cities across America, beginning with Nashville, Atlanta and New York City on Sat., Aug. 26. The relationship between UPS and Taylor Swift dates back more than a decade. On June 3, 2006, sixteen-year-old Taylor Swift and a few others gathered around boxes and boxes containing copies of her first single "Tim McGraw." UPS employees around the world can participate in the excitement through an exclusive program outlined o

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UPS Enhances Driver Safety Training With Virtual Reality

The company will begin launching VR training in September at its nine UPS Integrad training facilities. IT experts at UPS created the VR training modules that users see and hear inside VR headsets like the HTC Vive. “Virtual Reality offers a big technological leap in the realm of driver safety training,” said Juan Perez, UPS chief information and engineering officer. UPS currently operates eight UPS Integrad facilities in the United States and two others in Europe. “This training is foundational

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