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UPS Helps K12 Equip Online Learners For Back To School

It’s also time for UPS (NYSE: UPS) and online education company K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN) to receive, ready and render millions of school supplies to students and educators around the globe. Last year, UPS Global Logistics processed 6,000 different types of items for K12, totaling nearly 10 million individual pieces. UPS reverse logistics helps companies like K12 better manage and re-integrate returns for reduced waste and increased profits. UPS Global Logistics provides warehousing and fulfillment s

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UPS® Healthcare Webinar Explores Innovations Impacting Hospital And Lab Logistics

Several industry experts will share insights on how innovations – think drone deliveries of medical samples across hospital campuses – are shaping up to be industry game-changers. “Technology is enabling healthcare to come directly into the home, and allowing earlier detection of chronic conditions,” says Chris Cassidy, UPS president of global healthcare logistics strategy. They will explore ways to meet growing, complex lab specimen logistics challenges, such as advances in cell and gene testin

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